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The Klokgebouw


The Klokgebouw is a former industrial Philips builing on Strijp-S in Eindhoven.

Philips produced 10 years after the start about 1.5 million lightsbulbs. In order to continue to do the production, more and more space, resources and people were needed. In order not to be dependent on suppliers, Anton Philips built in 1916 the first factory on Strijp-S. In this factory Philips made the glass for the lightbulbs.

The Klokgebouw was completed in 1929.
In this plant synthetic plastic was produced: bakelite. However, Philips preferred the brand name “Philite” and the employee who was caught on the word bakelite, waited a hefty fine of a 25 cents!
In the 70s the production of Philite was discontinued at Strijp-S.

The Klokgebouw has seven floors of origin. Only in the late 30s, the characteristic tower with the clock was added and the building reached a then enormous height of 60 meters.

The departure from Philips to Amsterdam, has ensured that the former industrial Strijp-S will again flourish.

The Klokgebouw symbolizes the transformation of Strijp-S. The proud building marks the place where the heart of creative Eindhoven is realized. Nowadays there are lots of things organized in the Klokgebouw, many concerts, exhibitions and events.



Eindhoven, the Netherlands