Does the event cost money?

For the main event of the Geocoinfest on Saturday is an entrance ticket required.
The costs are € 5,- per person (over the age of 16) in the presale on this website.
Children (16 and younger) are free.
An entrance ticket on the day itself costs € 6,- per person.
To get an estimate of how many visitors there will be, it would be nice, if children (16 and younger) could also register on our website via a free ticket.

The Meet and Greet event on Friday is free but if you want to eat from the buffet you will have to buy a ticket in the presale.
The buffet costs € 15,- per person, and you will have the choice to eat Chinese-Indonesian, Dutch or Italian. Children (10 and younger) costs € 10,- per person
The amount of tickets for this is limited.

The Geocaching tours-event on Sunday is free. You do however need a ticket for the bustour. More info will follow.

Where can I stay?

There is a hotel in the Klockgebouw: Blue Collar Hotel.
It is located in the right wing next to the parking garage.

There are a lot more hotels in and around Eindhoven.
You can find them through the following links:

Where can you park?

On Strijp S, there are 5 parkinglots/-garages.
Parking costs € 1,40 per hour, with a maximum of € 7,- per day.
Via the webshop of the Geocoinfest you can buy a parkingticket for € 5,- per day.
With this ticket you can drive of the parkinglot only once.
Are you staying in and around the event or the centre of Eindhoven, than it is cheaper to buy a parkingticket in the presale.
Are you planning to cache around with your car, is might be cheaper to pay per hour.

Where can I camp?

It is illegal to camp on a parkinglot in the Netherlands.
You can download a list of camp sites here:
Also via campercontact.nl you can find free or cheap camp sites.
During the day it is best to park your motorhome on parkinglot 2 till 6.
The parkingspaces in the parking garage nr. 1 are very narrow.

Can I bring my dog to the event?

We do not think it is smart to bring a dog to such a big event.
If you do bring your dog, it should be on a leash and muzzled.

Can I buy food and drinks on the event?

You can buy food on the event.
You can buy tokens which can be used at the bar and the foodstands.
You can only buy food via tokens.

In the Netherlands it is illegal to sell alcohol to people under the age of 18.
People under the age of 18 are punishable by law if they carry alcohol.
We will not be selling alcohol to people under the age of 18.
When in doubt we will ask for a ID.

What to do in and around Eindhoven in the event-weekend?

From 18 September until the 2nd Sunday of October the lights of the ‘Lichtjesroute’ will be burning. More information can be found on:

On Sunday all shops in the centre of Eindhoven will be open from 12.00 till 17.00 o’clock.
For other events you can visit:

Eindhoven, the Netherlands