Geocaching Tour Event

Geocoinfest 2015, Geocaching Tour Event,  September 27th, 2015

On Sunday will be the Geocoinfest Geocaching Tour Event.
There will be several  Gecaching Tours by bus to different highlights in the Netherlands, and  also a number of Tours in and around Eindhoven.

For the (bus) tours you have to buy a ticket. You can find these in the shop.  The Geocaching Tours in and around Eindhoven you can do on your own,  you don’t need to book / reserve them in advance. There will be e.g. a Vincent van Gogh tour and a Philps tour.

Overview Bustours:

Geocaching Tour: Amsterdam


By tourbus we will go to Amsterdam (departure 9.00 AM)
We visit the first cache of the Netherlands GC198.

1280px-Amsterdam_052006Through a route of12 km we visit different caches and highlights of Amsterdam.
We end at the Red Light district, where we have a small multi-cache.

It is also possible to go for a  shorter route. But then, you’ll miss the GC198 and a Virtual cache.

The caches we hope to find:

Long route (12 km)
01 GC5GXQ0: kiiroo 002  (tradi)
02 GC198: Amsterdam Urban 1 (tradi)
03 GC2WAG4: DopaMystery 1: The Travelling Dutchman  (mystery)
04 GC27G9G: de Glazen van een Bril (mystery)
05 GCH623: Kunst in een boom in Amsterdam (virtual)
06 GC5ZKQX TT #2: Heineken Brouwerij – Heineken Experience (tradi)
and the  13 Caches of the short route.

shorte route (7,5 km)
07 GC4XJBA: Oom Dagoberts Pakhuis (tradi)
08 GC2YCEA: DopaMystery 3: Not Martin Sheen (mystery)
09 GC5439T: De magere brug (tradi)
10 GC2H4YX: magnet (tradi)
11 GC5ERJA: Amsterdam love bridge (tradi)
12 GC500ZT: The dark side of Amsterdam (tradi)
13 GC5K1KW: Behind the Monument (tradi)
14 GC4HCGD: In plain sight (tradi)
15 GC2TJKV: Secret door (tradi)
16 GC20CWF: de rosse buurt (multi)
17 GC2YKHW: Amsterdam Trad’s – Chinatown (tradi)
18 GC1NVVM: Sporen van vroeger (tradi)
19 GC5A7X0: Bicycle Parking (tradi)

Geocaching Tour: Zuid Limburg


By tourbus we go to the south of Limburg. (departure 9.00 AM)
There we visit the three-country-point of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, where various caches and cache types can be logged.

Then we visit Maastricht. You will have free time to lunch and find some caches.grot
Finally we visit the area south of Maastricht where we try to find some caches including a cave-cache.


Bustours will leave at 09:00 AM and return around 06:00 PM near the Klokgebouw.

The list with caches we hope to find:

Tradi GC5R56F dreilandereck/drielandenpunt
Letterbox GC2YQRE vierlander letterbox am dreilander punkt
Earthcache GC2YYE1 hoogste vasteland punt van Nederland

Tradi GC2JV5X van kluis tot kookhuis
Multi GC1YDMB wandelen lang de stadsmuren
Tradi GC1Z7VZ werken met wind en water

Tradi GC2E802 grafkelder van kasteel Caestert
Multi GCJ209 lost castle of Caestert
Earthcache GC4MHZ1 dolines op het plateau van Caestert
Tradi GCHRA4 lost valley of Caestert

Eindhoven, the Netherlands